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As one of our primary goals, fostering Remembrance is a part of everything we do. Thanks to the longstanding tradition of the Annual

Literary and Poster Contests, we have been able to involve Canadian school children in helping us to promote not only the National Remembrance Day Service, but also the act of honouring our military heritage. Deadlines for entries in the Poster and Literary Contests are determined by the local Legion branches.

The deadline for entries to this year’s Poster and Literary Contests is 15 November 2018. Entries are to be delivered to the Royal Canadian Legion Barrhaven Branch 641, at 3500 Fallowfield Rd.  An awards ceremony will be held in January 2019. The Deadline for the Video Contest is 01 December 2018. Entries are to be emailed to Ontario Provincial Command at info@on.legion.ca

The Royal Canadian Legion Zone G5 Public Speaking Contest will be held on March 2, 2019 at the Royal Canadian Legion Bells Corners Branch 593, 4026 Old Richmond Road Ottawa, ON

Registration for grades 1 to 8 is at 8 a.m. and the contest will run from 8:30 a.m. to noon. Registration for grades 9 to 12 is at noon and the contest runs until 5 p.m.

Ontario Command also invites students to take part in a Public Speaking Contest and a Remembrance
Video Contest.

Remembrance Day Contest information and forms

Contact RCL 641 at (613) 843-8691 for additional information.

Youth  Links :

Barrhaven Legion Branch 641 Bursary Assistance Program

Application form

Royal Canadian Legion will assist post secondary students in financial need to achieve university, college, technical, or professional education. Indentured apprentices may also apply for assistance to purchase tools and instruments.

Eligibility and Conditions

  • Canadian ex-service personnel, their children and grandchildren.

  • Merchant Navy personnel, their children and grandchildren

  • Commonwealth ex-service and allied country ex-service personnel resident in Canada, their children and grandchildren.

  • Ordinary or Life Member, their children and grandchildren

  • Associate Member and their children

  • Member of Ladies’ Auxiliary, their children and grandchildren

  • Step children and step grandchildren are recognized the same as children and grandchildren, and considered where applicable.

1. A candidate must be a current resident in the geographical Poppy Fund area serviced by Branch 641of the Royal Canadian Legion. Exception: The applicant, or a member of the applicants family, must be a member in good standing of the Legion Branch awarding the Bursary.

2. The institution to be attended must be approved for assistance under the Ontario Student Assistance Program. The institution may be located outside of Ontario.

3. The amount of assistance granted to a student for a full academic year will be based on accepted documented need at a rate determined by the Poppy Trust Fund Bursary Committee.

4. The Poppy Trust Fund Bursary Committee reserves the option and right to contact you or your next of kin to authenticate all the information pertaining to the application. The contact may be by phone or in person.

5. Any purposely misleading of untruthful information will be cause for disqualification. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.

6. 6. All applications must be submitted by October 31, 2018 for the academic year ending June 2019 and hand delivered or mailed to the “RCL 641 Bursary Committee” at the Royal Canadian Legion at: 3A- 3500 Fallowfield Rd. Nepean ON K2J 4A7.

7. All bursaries awarded will be sent to the educational institution on behalf of the recipient. A copy of the letter sent to the institution will be mailed to the recipient.

Selection Criteria

The Barrhaven Legion Branch 641 Bursary Committee will select successful applicants. In making the selection, the committee shall give consideration to:

1. Confirmation of eligibility;

2. Evidence of need of financial assistance after review of the financial resources of the student and his/her family;

3. Supporting evidence of interest and ability to complete post-secondary education;

4. Evidence of integrity, initiative, ambition and industry;

5. Knowledge and understanding of The Royal Canadian Legion if a research essay is requested;

6. Commitment to participate in the Legion Poppy Campaign by applicant or family member.

NOTE: For help or clarification, contact Linda Crawford, Bursary Chairman by e-mail at rcl641.youthedbursary@gmail.com.

Application form

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