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Barrhaven Legion 2017 Poppy Campaign and Remembrance Activities
Comrade Stéphane Guy
Poppy Chair


The 2018 Poppy Campaign was a real success with approximately $80,000 of donations to our Poppy Trust Fund that was raised throughout the campaign, which is an increase of approximately $12,000 compared to the previous year. Furthermore, we raised a profit of $2800 to our general account through the items for sale that were offered to the public.

One of the major hurdles this year was that approximately a third of the shifts were still open by the time the campaign started. This fact put extra pressure on the store captains which most of them fill the shifts themselves. Considering that the 2019 campaign will be the longest possible campaign with 17 days, I strongly suggest returning to 3 shifts a day per store which will reduce the number from 270 this year to 217 shifts.

The Veterans dinner was well attended with 81 guests. We still had a loss of $212.79 which is much better than the $619.00 loss in 2017 mostly due to the fact that veterans, spouses and caretakers were charged $10 per meal. This is an event that will always make a loss unless we change the avenue including to reduce the quality of meal as all other costs are negligible compare to the costs of the caterer. I strongly suggest repeating the same type of meals and services and to accept this loss as this is the time of the year that we should treat our veterans.

The Remembrance Day Parade was also a success with a much larger attendance by the community. The preparations and the conduct of the parade was a repeat of last year and we did not encounter any major issues.

Stéphane Guy
Poppy Chairman

Have questions? Want to find out how you can help? Contact Comrade Stéphane Guy, Poppy Chair at stguy35@hotmail.com or at (C) 613-797-7021

** Supporting the Poppy Campaign means supporting Veterans in need and Veteran and local community programs. *

The 2019 Poppy campaign runs from the last Friday in October to Sunday, November 10th.

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