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Help Wanted @ 641


Part-time Volunteer Bartenders Needed
Comrades the Barrhaven Legion Branch is looking for part-time volunteer bartenders for some evening shifts during the week and for weekends (Saturday and Sundays) during the day and evenings. Shifts are usually between 5 or 6 hours.


If you are a member in good standing of the Barrhaven Legion and you are interested in volunteering as a bartender please contact Diane Craig, Bar Manager at deeogee1953@gmail.com.


Bartenders must have their Smart Serve Certificate in order to volunteer as a bartender. If selected and you don’t have your Smart Serve Certificate you will have 60 days from your starting date to obtain it. You can take this course on the web at www.smartserve.org. and the Legion will pay for it.

You will also be required to have a security clearance before you can start. This police check is free and only takes a few minutes to obtain. If selected you will be given a letter and form to take to the police station to obtain your clearance.

Please note our Legion is run by volunteers only – we have no paid employees. We depend on and are grateful to all our volunteers that make our Legion the great success that it is.


Part-time Cleaning Help Needed

Currently, we have a volunteer coming in every day to clean-up. Starting June 1, I will need more volunteers for clean-up on Thursdays, Fridays, every second Saturday and Sundays. The clean-up usually takes from one to two hours.


If you are interested in helping your Legion on any of the above days, please email me at edschelenz@rogers.com or call 613-843-1088. Your help will be appreciated.


Ed Schelenz

Past President & “Captain of the Heads”


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